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Pressure Reduction Mattress or Overlay - Complete | 05_043306803_0103_1_2

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A specialised mattress designed for pressure injury prevention in individuals with limited mobility.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item encompasses a pressure-reducing mattress or overlay system, providing essential relief to participants prone to pressure sores. The technology used in these systems distributes weight evenly, reducing the risk of skin breakdown. Available in various models, these mattresses cater to different needs, from basic static foam surfaces to advanced dynamic systems featuring alternating pressure cells.

Participant Outcomes:

By using a pressure reduction mattress, NDIS participants can significantly enhance their sleeping comfort, skin integrity, and overall quality of life. It facilitates improved rest and recovery, aids with pain management, and increases the user's independence by lessening the need for frequent repositioning by carers.

Impact Statement:

These mattresses are pivotal in providing a proactive approach to skin care management, greatly diminishing the likelihood of pressure injuries among NDIS participants.

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Pressure Reduction Mattress or Overlay - Complete | 05_043306803_0103_1_2