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Pressure Reduction Mattress - Air Filled Section | 05_043306002_0103_1_2

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A specialised NDIS support item designed for pressure sore prevention.

Service Details:

The Pressure Reduction Mattress – Air Filled Section is an innovative therapeutic surface created to minimise the risk of pressure injuries. It features interconnected air cells that adapt to body movements and distribute weight evenly, thereby reducing the concentration of pressure on any one body part. This item is typically used in a participant’s bed and can be adjusted for firmness to cater to individual preferences and needs for comfort. The design facilitates increased circulation, essential for skin integrity, and contributes to a better sleep quality for the user.

Participant Outcomes:

NDIS participants employing the air-filled pressure reduction mattress report enhanced comfort and reduced risk of developing pressure sores. The mattress allows for longer periods of undisturbed rest, improving overall recovery and rehabilitation outcomes. By supporting a stable sleeping environment, it positively influences daily functioning and quality of life.

Impact Statement:

This support item significantly reduces the incidence of costly and painful pressure injuries, maximising the well-being of NDIS participants.

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Pressure Reduction Mattress - Air Filled Section | 05_043306002_0103_1_2