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Postural Support - Wheelchair Accessory | 05_122524111_0105_1_2

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Enhance comfort and stability with the NDIS Postural Support Wheelchair Accessory.

Service Details:

This essential accessory is specifically designed for individuals requiring additional support to maintain optimal posture while using a wheelchair. It includes customisable items such as lateral supports, headrests, and pelvic belts. These components are crucial for individuals with significant physical disabilities. The service extends to assessment, fitting, and adjustment of accessories to ensure the right fit for comfort and support.

Participant Outcomes:

By utilising this support item, participants experience improved posture control, which reduces the risk of secondary complications attributed to poor seating. It enables greater participation in daily activities, fostering independence and enhancing quality of life. A correct posture aids in better respiratory functions and digestion, contributing to overall health and well-being.

Impact Statement:

Postural Support Accessories transform wheelchair use from mere mobility to holistic body care, enriching the participant's active lifestyle.

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Postural Support - Wheelchair Accessory | 05_122524111_0105_1_2