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Postural Support - Positioning - Seat | 05_122506111_0105_1_2

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This NDIS support item provides specialised seating to aid correct posture.

Service Details:

Postural support for seating encompasses customised solutions tailored to individual needs. It addresses various disabilities, ensuring users maintain optimal alignment while seated. Comprehensive assessment by allied health professionals determines the right equipment, which may include cushions, contoured seats, or fully customised chairs. These aids are designed for comfort and to prevent physical complications related to poor seating posture, such as pressure sores and spinal deformities.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants experiencing postural instability can expect significant enhancements in their daily living. Improved stability and positioning lead to increased comfort, reduced pain, and the prevention of secondary conditions. Enhanced seating posture facilitates engagement in social, educational, and occupational activities, promoting overall quality of life and fostering independence.

Impact Statement:

Effective postural support empowers individuals by maximising functional ability and ensuring participation without physical constraint or discomfort.

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Postural Support - Positioning - Seat | 05_122506111_0105_1_2