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Plan Management - Bereavement Payment | Bereavement

Unit: Month


The Plan Management – Bereavement Payment is a supportive measure within the NDIS, acknowledging the loss of a participant.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item provides financial assistance to the family or estate of a deceased NDIS participant. The payment covers Plan Management services which include financial management of the participant’s funds, ensuring service provider invoices are processed, and continuous support in managing the plan funds during the bereavement period. It's designed to reduce financial stress during a difficult time by covering ongoing costs associated with the participant's established NDIS plan.

Participant Outcomes:

Families benefit from financial continuity, ensuring there’s no abrupt end to essential services. It helps maintain stability for other beneficiaries of the plan’s resources. Additionally, it offers the necessary time for a family to adapt to the changed circumstances without immediate fiscal concerns.

Impact Statement:

The Bereavement Payment eases the fiscal transition following a participant’s passing, encapsulating the NDIS's compassionate and comprehensive approach to participant care.

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Plan Management - Bereavement Payment | Bereavement