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Personal Reader - Speech Output only | 05_221321879_0124_1_2

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This NDIS support item enables access to speech-output technology tailored for participants with vision impairment.

Service Details:

Designed to foster independence, the NDIS 'Personal Reader – Speech Output only' service provides individuals with vision impairment customisable text-to-speech technology. The service includes the supply of software or devices—such as screen readers and reading apps—that convert text into audio. Recipients are trained to use technology effectively, empowering them to read and interpret written content without assistance, thereby increasing access to information.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants will enjoy enhanced autonomy in accessing printed and digital media, contributing to improved educational and vocational outcomes. Mastery of the technology bolsters their communication and navigation skills, resulting in greater participation in community and social activities. The support, ultimately, uplifts the participant's confidence and quality of life.

Impact Statement:

Introduction of speech-output devices significantly reduces the barriers faced by individuals with vision impairment, promoting independence and social inclusion.

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Personal Reader - Speech Output only | 05_221321879_0124_1_2