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Personal Reader - Speech and Visual Output | 05_221315880_0124_1_2

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Designed to enhance accessibility, this NDIS support item offers personalised reading assistance.

Service Details:

Personal Reader - Speech and Visual Output services are customised to aid participants with visual or cognitive impairments. Professional readers or assistive technology provide audio and/or visual outputs of written materials, facilitating access to printed information. This support is crucial in a myriad of settings, encompassing educational materials, personal documentation, and leisure reading.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants gain independence, improved educational outcomes, and increased engagement with a variety of texts. The service ensures equitable access to information, which is vital for personal development, informed decision-making, and cultural participation. It fosters continuous learning and ensures that individuals can participate fully in their chosen daily activities without barriers.

Impact Statement:

Empowering participants with autonomy in information consumption, the Personal Reader service profoundly enriches the quality of life and social inclusion.

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Personal Reader - Speech and Visual Output | 05_221315880_0124_1_2