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Orthosis - Thigh Knee Ankle - Custom Made | 05_061209821_0135_1_2

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Custom-made Thigh Knee Ankle Orthoses effectively support and align lower limbs, addressing various physical impairments.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item provides tailored orthosis for individuals with lower limb deficiencies that require correction or support. The custom design ensures precise fit, optimizing comfort and functionality. Expert clinicians assess participant needs, considering factors such as limb shape, range of motion, and daily activities to create a truly individualised orthotic solution. Regular reviews and adjustments maintain the orthosis's efficacy and comfort over time.

Participant Outcomes:

Recipients experience enhanced mobility, improved stability, and reduced pain, promoting increased participation in daily life. The custom orthosis aids in rehabilitation, supports desired movements while restricting detrimental ones, and can prevent further physical complications. It is integral for participants aiming for greater independence in ambulation and daily tasks.

Impact Statement:

Through tailored design, this orthotic device significantly elevates the quality of life for NDIS participants, fostering autonomy and functional mobility.

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Orthosis - Thigh Knee Ankle - Custom Made | 05_061209821_0135_1_2