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Orthosis - Knee - Prefabricated | 05_061209111_0105_1_2

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This NDIS support item provides a prefabricated knee orthosis for stability and mobility enhancement.

Service Details:

The prefabricated knee orthosis offers individuals with mobility challenges a supportive device to aid in daily movements. It is designed to align, prevent, or correct deformities, as well as improve the function of movable parts of the body. Manufactured to fit a wide range of users, this orthosis is easily adjustable and comes as an off-the-shelf solution. Health professionals typically oversee its provision to ensure correct usage and fit, addressing various conditions that affect the knee joint.

Participant Outcomes:

Users benefit from improved joint alignment, reduced pain, and the prevention of further injury. The orthosis supports active lifestyles and sturdiness while walking, hence promoting autonomy and confidence. It fosters increased participation in personal and community activities, potentially reducing the need for higher-level interventions or surgery.

Impact Statement:

The knee orthosis significantly contributes to enhancing the quality of life by ensuring user safety and independence in mobility.

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Orthosis - Knee - Prefabricated | 05_061209111_0105_1_2