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Orthosis - Knee - Custom Made | 05_061209121_0135_1_2

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Custom-fit knee orthoses offer targeted support and stability for knee joint issues.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item encompasses the personalised creation and fitting of knee orthoses. Specifically crafted to meet a participant's anatomical and functional needs, these orthotic devices are designed to manage pain, enhance mobility, and provide structural support to the knee joint. Expert practitioners are involved in the measurement, design, and periodic review of the orthosis, ensuring optimal comfort and effectiveness.

Participant Outcomes:

Recipients of a custom-made knee orthosis experience improved knee joint management, which may lead to reduced pain, enhanced stability, and increased participation in daily activities. The adaptive support fosters independence and raises life quality by facilitating safer and more confident physical movements.

Impact Statement:

A bespoke knee orthosis can profoundly improve functional abilities, fostering autonomy and active lifestyle engagement for people with knee impairments.

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Orthosis - Knee - Custom Made | 05_061209121_0135_1_2