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Orthosis - Hip Thigh Knee Ankle - Custom Made | 05_061218821_0135_1_2

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Custom-Made Hip Thigh Knee Ankle Orthosis offers tailored stabilisation and mobility support.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item encompasses the provision of a bespoke orthotic device, designed specifically for an individual's lower limb anatomical requirements. It aims to stabilise and align the hip, thigh, knee, and ankle, promoting functional movement. The service includes a comprehensive assessment, personal fitting, adjustments for comfort, and ongoing maintenance for the bespoke orthosis.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants can expect improved postural alignment, reduced pain, and increased mobility. The custom-made orthosis encourages independence in daily activities, enhancing quality of life. It supports rehabilitation and may prevent further physical complications. Regular follow-ups ensure the orthosis remains optimally adjusted to the user's changing needs.

Impact Statement:

A custom-made orthosis significantly enhances participants' stability and mobility, leading to increased autonomy and participation in community life.

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Orthosis - Hip Thigh Knee Ankle - Custom Made | 05_061218821_0135_1_2