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Orthosis - Cervico-Thoraco-Lumbo-Sacral | 05_060318821_0135_1_2

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A CTLSO supports the cervical to sacral spine, enhancing stability and alignment.

Service Details:

The CTLSO item is a custom-fitted brace designed for individuals with spinal conditions requiring immobilisation and correction. Comprising a rigid frame that extends from the cervical to the lumbar region, this orthosis discourages damaging movements while providing necessary support during daily activities. It's commonly prescribed after surgeries or for progressive conditions like scoliosis, offering a non-invasive intervention that aims to improve posture and reduce pain.

Participant Outcomes:

Regular use of a CTLSO can lead to mitigated pain, improved postural alignment, and prevention of further spinal injury. It empowers participants to engage in daily activities with improved safety and comfort. Personal independence is fostered, and quality of life enhanced, as it assists in maintaining an upright and stable position throughout a range of motions.

Impact Statement:

The CTLSO significantly contributes to spinal health, ensuring participants lead active, comfortable lives, free from debilitating spinal instability.

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Orthosis - Cervico-Thoraco-Lumbo-Sacral | 05_060318821_0135_1_2