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Orthosis - Ankle Foot (AFO) - Prefabricated | 05_061206111_0135_1_2

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This NDIS support item provides prefabricated ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) to stabilise and support the lower limb.

Service Details:

Our prefabricated Ankle-Foot Orthosis service offers a range of ready-made braces designed to accommodate various lower limb conditions. These orthoses are essential for participants requiring immediate support for ambulation, ensuring alignment and improving gait efficiency. They are adjustable for fit and comfort, making them an accessible solution for immediate orthotic needs.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from enhanced mobility, reduced discomfort, and prevention of further lower limb complications. The AFOs aid in daily activities by improving balance and posture, often leading to increased confidence and independence in the user. These supports are crafted to facilitate improved quality of life while catering to the varied needs of NDIS participants.

Impact Statement:

Prefabricated AFOs significantly enhance participant well-being by enabling greater freedom in movement and daily function.

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Orthosis - Ankle Foot (AFO) - Prefabricated | 05_061206111_0135_1_2