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MHM - Practical Completion | 06_182495322_0111_2_2

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MHM - Practical Completion is an in-depth NDIS support provision, assisting participants in finalising their housing projects.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item encompasses guidance through the last phase of housing construction or modification for participants. Professionals collaborate with builders, ensuring the final touches align with participants’ needs. Attention to detail and compliance with Australian Building Standards is paramount, providing a seamless transition to a finished, livable space tailored to the individual's requirements.

Participant Outcomes:

Engaging in MHM - Practical Completion aids participants in overcoming the complexities of construction projects. It ensures habitability, safety, and suitability of living spaces, fostering independence. Participants benefit from a sense of security and autonomy as they move into homes designed to support their unique lifestyles and physical needs.

Impact Statement:

MHM - Practical Completion markedly enhances the lives of NDIS participants, offering them customised homes ready for occupancy, affirming dignity and promoting an independent lifestyle.

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MHM - Practical Completion | 06_182495322_0111_2_2