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MHM - Other works including Bedroom | 06_182495407_0111_2_2

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This NDIS support item encompasses modifications for bedroom enhancements catering to participants' specific needs.

Service Details:

The 'MHM - Other Works Including Bedroom' support item underlines funding for bedroom modifications to assist participants with mobility, health, or behavioural conditions. It may cover the cost of installing handrails, custom furniture, emergency alert systems, or sensory integration equipment that is crucial for functional independence. It also includes consultations with occupational therapists for tailored solutions.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from a safer, more accessible bedroom environment tailored to their needs. It enables improved sleep, better personal care routines and fosters a sense of autonomy. Personalised modifications can significantly reduce the risk of injuries and support daily living activities, enhancing the participant's quality of life.

Impact Statement:

Customised bedroom modifications deeply influence participants’ daily experience, promoting dignity, independence, and ongoing well-being within their homes.

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MHM - Other works including Bedroom | 06_182495407_0111_2_2