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MHM - Laundry | 06_182495405_0111_2_2

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Providing participants with laundry services tailored for their disability-related needs.

Service Details:

The MHM - Laundry service incorporates the handling of daily laundry requirements for NDIS participants. Focused on facilitating independence, this service offers collection, washing, drying, ironing, and delivery of clothes and linens. Adapted to meet individual specifications, our professional team ensures a hygienic and timely turnaround with respect to the participant's preferences and care plan.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from reduced physical strain and time-saving conveniences, enhancing their ability to engage in other meaningful activities. The support fosters social participation by ensuring that individuals maintain a professional and neat appearance, crucial for social interactions and employment opportunities. Mental wellbeing is also supported by alleviating the stress associated with these tasks.

Impact Statement:

The laundry support item significantly uplifts participants by streamlining day-to-day living, contributing to overall quality of life and independence.

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MHM - Laundry | 06_182495405_0111_2_2