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MHM - Kitchen | 06_182495402_0111_2_2

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Tailored for participants with mobility challenges, this support item facilitates kitchen accessibility enhancements.

Service Details:

Underneath the NDIS support item MHM - Kitchen, modifications involve adapting existing kitchen environments to meet the specific needs of individuals with disabilities. This includes the installation of height-adjustable counters, slip-resistant flooring, and lever-operated taps. Such adjustments are necessary for providing a functional and safe space that accommodates wheelchairs and other mobility devices, promoting independent living.

Participant Outcomes:

The primary focus is on fostering independence and safety in everyday tasks. Participants can expect to achieve higher self-reliance with cooking and kitchen activities. These modifications also reduce the risk of accidents, ensuring a secure environment for meal preparation. Enhanced kitchen functionality aims to boost confidence and self-esteem among users.

Impact Statement:

Kitchen modifications greatly improve quality of life, enabling participants to engage in daily living activities with dignity and ease.

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MHM - Kitchen  | 06_182495402_0111_2_2