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MHM - Flooring | 06_182415401_0111_2_2

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This NDIS support provides essential home modification through flooring solutions for individuals with mobility challenges.

Service Details:

MHM - Flooring support item encompasses a range of flooring solutions tailored to enhance safety and accessibility in the living spaces of NDIS participants. It includes professional assessment, removal of existing flooring, and installation of non-slip, durable surfaces that are wheelchair-friendly and reduce trip hazards. Service providers will work closely with participants to ensure the chosen flooring meets both their functional needs and personal aesthetics.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from increased independence within their homes, reduced risk of falls, and a higher quality of life. The customised flooring solutions contribute to easier mobility using assistive devices and facilitate care providers' support. Improved accessibility and comfort in the home environment directly contribute to participants' confidence and autonomy.

Impact Statement:

Effective MHM - Flooring ensures safer, more navigable homes, fostering independence and overall well-being for NDIS participants.

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MHM - Flooring | 06_182415401_0111_2_2