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MHM - Bathroom | 06_182495401_0111_2_2

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An NDIS support item focused on bathroom modifications to enhance usability for participants with disabilities.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item pertains to structural alterations to a participant’s bathroom. It includes modifications such as installing grab rails, widening doorways for wheelchair access, and adjusting sink heights to accommodate specific mobility needs. Customisation ensures safety and independence during personal care routines. Accredited professionals carry out assessments and installations, ensuring compliance with Australian Standards.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from increased safety, reduced risk of injury, and improved accessibility within their bathroom. These modifications foster greater self-reliance, allowing individuals to confidently manage personal hygiene tasks. Enhancing the bathroom’s functionality promotes autonomy and empowerment, contributing to an overall improvement in the participant’s quality of life and daily living experience.

Impact Statement:

Bathroom modifications under this item significantly improve participants' independence and wellbeing, supporting their right to a dignified living environment.

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MHM - Bathroom  | 06_182495401_0111_2_2