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MHM - Airconditioning | 06_270303401_0111_2_2

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The MHM - Airconditioning support under the NDIS ensures thermal comfort for participants with heat-sensitive conditions.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item is designed to assist participants who require precise temperature control due to their disability. Airconditioning units can be funded if a participant's condition leads to increased vulnerability in extreme temperatures. Essential for maintaining health, these units may include installation, repair, or maintenance services, ensuring that the participant's living environment remains comfortable and safe throughout the year.

Participant Outcomes:

With the right airconditioning solution, participants experience improved daily living conditions. They can better manage their health, avoiding potential complications from heat stress. This autonomy in controlling their environment fosters independence and contributes to a higher quality of life. The support also offers relief and assurance to families and carers, knowing the participant is safe and comfortable.

Impact Statement:

Effective temperature regulation through this support significantly enhances the wellness and daily living experience of NDIS participants with heat sensitivity.

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MHM - Airconditioning | 06_270303401_0111_2_2