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Low Cost AT - Support Capacity Building | 15_222400911_0124_1_3

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Empower participants through Low Cost Assistive Technology for enhanced everyday autonomy.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item revolves around the provision of budget-friendly assistive technologies. Aimed at those with minor disabilities, the service bridges daily living gaps through effective, innovative solutions. These include but are not limited to items like handheld magnifiers, large print labels, and customised cutlery.

Participant Outcomes:

By embracing low-cost AT tools, participants gain independence in routine tasks, bolstering self-esteem and social participation. The scheme supports capacity building by encouraging skill development, thus, fostering a more inclusive community experience. Access to such technology is crucial for maintaining a participant's engagement in their personal and professional environments.

Impact Statement:

Expanded accessibility tools fortify participants' abilities, catalysing a transformative impact on their quality of life.

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Low Cost AT - Support Capacity Building | 15_222400911_0124_1_3