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Low Cost AT - Prosthetics And Orthotics | 03_060000911_0135_1_1

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Cost-efficient prosthetics and orthotics tailored to empower NDIS participants with enhanced physical capabilities.

Service Details:

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides financial support for low-cost assistive technologies such as customised prosthetic limbs and orthotic devices. These aids are designed to maximise functional independence. The service covers evaluation, design, fabrication, and fitting of the devices, always prioritising the user's comfort and mobility needs.

Participant Outcomes:

Beneficiaries enjoy greater autonomy and an improved capacity to undertake daily activities with ease. These prosthetics and orthotics facilitate movement, decrease discomfort, and promote rehabilitation. They are instrumental in reintegrating individuals into community, social, and employment involvement, fostering a sense of normalcy and self-reliance.

Impact Statement:

Through such assistive technologies, NDIS participants can significantly improve their quality of life, embodying the Scheme's commitment to fostering independence and inclusion.

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Low Cost AT - Prosthetics And Orthotics | 03_060000911_0135_1_1