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Low Cost AT - Personal Mobility | 03_120000911_0105_1_1

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Essential for promoting independence, this NDIS support item encompasses affordable personal mobility assistive technology.

Service Details:

The Low Cost AT for Personal Mobility grants access to devices like walking sticks and manual wheelchairs. It's designed for individuals needing minor assistance with personal movement around their home and community. These items are typically under $1,500, reflecting cost-effectiveness and are straightforward to procure without complex processes. They enhance daily navigation, minimise the risk of falls, and facilitate participation in various activities.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants enjoy enhanced safety, greater autonomy, and improved quality of life. By utilising this support, individuals with mobility challenges can engage more actively in community life and domestic activities. It fosters confidence and supports skill development in personal mobility, thereby contributing to higher levels of personal satisfaction and social inclusion.

Impact Statement:

This NDIS support item is pivotal in empowering participants to navigate their environments more successfully, promoting self-reliance and social engagement.

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Low Cost AT - Personal Mobility | 03_120000911_0105_1_1