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Low Cost AT - Personal Care And Safety | 03_090000911_0103_1_1

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This NDIS item refers to affordable assistive technology for personal care and safety.

Service Details:

The Low Cost AT for Personal Care and Safety encompasses an array of assistive devices and technologies designed to support NDIS participants in their daily living activities. These can include non-slip mats, grab rails, and personal alarms, catering to an individual’s need for stability, independence, and emergency alert systems in personal spaces. The support item is economically accessible, ensuring participants do not face significant financial barriers to obtaining essential equipment.

Participant Outcomes:

Access to this support item empowers participants to maintain personal hygiene independently and ensures safety in private settings. By mitigating risk and promoting autonomy in personal care routines, participants can experience increased confidence and reduced reliance on caregiver assistance. It fosters a sense of security and dignity, which is a crucial aspect of well-being.

Impact Statement:

Affordable AT enhances quality of life through improved safety and autonomy for NDIS participants.

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Low Cost AT - Personal Care And Safety | 03_090000911_0103_1_1