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Low Cost AT - Communication Or Cognitive Support | 03_222100911_0124_1_1

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This support item aids participants in enhancing communication and cognitive functions.

Service Details:

The NDIS provides targeted assistance through low cost Assistive Technology (AT) for communication or cognitive support. This category includes devices or software priced under AUD 1,500, which assist participants in overcoming difficulties with communication, learning, and memory. Options range from simple communication boards to advanced electronic devices and applications designed to support cognitive processes and enhance everyday learning and interaction.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants using these supports may experience improved independence, greater social engagement, and enhanced learning capabilities. This facilitation of communication empowers them to express themselves more effectively, make decisions, and participate more actively in their communities. Improved cognitive support also aids in managing daily activities, increasing participants' confidence and their ability to navigate complex environments.

Impact Statement:

This item contributes significantly to participant autonomy and societal involvement, underpinning their right to communicate and engage meaningfully.

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Low Cost AT - Communication Or Cognitive Support | 03_222100911_0124_1_1