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Linen Service | 01_021_0120_1_1

Quotable Supports
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NDIS support item 01_021_0120_1_1 provides a provision of clean linen to a participant who is unable to do their own laundry without assistance.

01_021_0120_1_1 support item is subject to quotation. Providers can only claim for a support item that is subject to quotation from a participant’s plan if they provided a quotation to the NDIA for the support item and it is a stated item in the participant’s plan. When the NDIA approves a quote, then it will create a service booking for the support item that the provider can use for claiming purposes.

Service Details:

Linen Service | 01_021_0120_1_1 ensures participants have access to clean bed sheets, towels, and other household linen items. The service includes the collection, laundering, and return of linens, accommodating the unique hygiene needs and preferences of participants. 01_021_0120_1_1 caters specifically to those with significant disabilities, it aims to maintain a high standard of cleanliness while alleviating the household tasks that might be challenging for some NDIS participants to manage on their own.

Participant Outcomes:

By utilising 01_021_0120_1_1 support, participants can maintain personal hygiene and enjoy a comfortable living environment, which is vital for overall health. 01_021_0120_1_1 facilitates increased independence and dignity, lessening reliance on carers for daily tasks. It also provides participants with more personal time to focus on other important activities or therapies.

Impact Statement:

The 01_021_0120_1_1 Linen Service enhances quality of life, fostering a sense of autonomy and self-esteem among NDIS participants.

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Linen Service | 01_021_0120_1_1