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Interpreting And Translating | 03_090_0121_1_1

Unit: Hour


Enhancing communication for participants, this support item focuses on languages and sign interpreting.

Service Details:

This NDIS support provides professional interpreting and translating services for participants requiring assistance to communicate effectively due to language barriers. It covers various situations, including medical appointments, community events, and plan meetings. Qualified interpreters and translators ensure accurate and confidential conveyance of information, adhering to NDIS Guidelines.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants gain improved access to services, fostering inclusivity and autonomy. Effective communication bridges gaps, enabling fuller participation in community life and decision-making processes. This provision also supports maintaining cultural identity, promoting better health outcomes and a sense of security.

Impact Statement:

Ensuring no participant is left behind, interpreting and translating services embody the NDIS's commitment to accessibility and equality.

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Interpreting And Translating | 03_090_0121_1_1