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Individualised Living Options - Support Model | 01_851_0115_1_1

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Customised living arrangements facilitated by the NDIS to promote independence and choice in a participant's home environment.

Service Details:

The Individualised Living Options (ILO) Support Model is designed to provide flexibility in living arrangement choices. Tailored towards adults seeking autonomy in their residence, it prioritises personal needs and preferences. The support model includes careful planning and trial phases to ensure a participant’s living setup aligns with their goals. Guidance during implementation and ongoing assessment safeguards the individual’s welfare, adapting as required.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants harness the ILO Support Model to achieve greater control over their living situation, with supports sculpted around their lifestyle. This enables person-focused outcomes, including enhanced life skills, increased community interactions, and bolstered self-reliance. It fosters a sense of security and belonging while maintaining connections with networks and natural supports.

Impact Statement:

This support item is pivotal in nurturing participant's independence within their chosen community, substantially improving quality of life, and personal empowerment.

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Individualised Living Options - Support Model | 01_851_0115_1_1