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Home Adaptation/Access AT - Not Otherwise Described | 05_222421111_0111_2_2

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Unique support for custom home modifications ensuring enhanced accessibility and independence for NDIS participants.

Service Details:

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers this flexible support item to finance home adaptations not categorised elsewhere. It provides funding for innovative accessibility solutions tailored to the individual needs of participants requiring specialised home alterations. These solutions might involve non-standard installations or modifications that facilitate greater mobility and functionality within their living environment.

Participant Outcomes:

Recipients benefit from a personalised living space designed to overcome specific limitations. Improved access and autonomy are primary outcomes, enabling participants to perform daily tasks more efficiently and safely. This elevates their quality of life, fostering self-reliance, and reducing the need for ongoing personal support.

Impact Statement:

This support item significantly contributes to the dignity and independence of differently-abled individuals by making their homes more accommodating to their unique needs.

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Home Adaptation/Access AT - Not Otherwise Described | 05_222421111_0111_2_2