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HM Rental - Bathroom Toilet Ramp | 06_180000111_0111_2_2

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Accessible bathroom solutions are vital, and the HM Rental Toilet Ramp offers seamless integration for NDIS participants.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item pertains to the hiring of a modular ramp specifically designed for toilet accessibility. Constructed for durability and safety, it features non-slip surfaces and adaptable heights, tailored to the individual's bathroom layout. The hiring service ensures ongoing maintenance and the flexibility to adjust or replace the ramp as the participant's needs evolve.

Participant Outcomes:

Users benefit from increased independence in personal care routines and mitigated risk of falls or injuries in the bathroom. The ramp's adaptability promotes autonomy, while its secure design fosters confidence, enhancing quality of life without the need for permanent structural changes.

Impact Statement:

By delivering a practical mobility solution, the HM Rental Toilet Ramp crucially upholds the dignity and independence of NDIS participants within their own homes.

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HM Rental - Bathroom Toilet Ramp | 06_180000111_0111_2_2