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HM - Kitchen or Laundry - Structural Work | 06_182488378_0111_2_2

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This support item addresses structural modifications in kitchens or laundries for NDIS participants' homes.

Service Details:

Beneficiaries of this support can expect tailor-made alterations to essential areas within their residences, specifically targeted at kitchens and laundries. Services range from minor adjustments to significant renovations, designed to enhance safety and accessibility. By modifying cabinets, work surfaces, and appliance arrangements, participants can navigate and use these spaces with greater independence. Expert evaluations are conducted to ensure structural interventions align perfectly with each participant's individual needs and NDIS plan goals.

Participant Outcomes:

Adaptations under this item significantly contribute to participant autonomy in daily tasks. Users gain improved functionality within their living environments. The outcome includes easier access to utilities, reduced risk of injury, and a boost in self-reliance. This service supports participants in maintaining or increasing their cooking and laundry-related skills, fostering an empowered approach to their domestic life.

Impact Statement:

Tailored kitchen and laundry modifications under this scheme can be life-transforming, promoting dignity and enabling participants’ fuller engagement in daily life.

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HM - Kitchen or Laundry - Structural Work | 06_182488378_0111_2_2