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HM - Design Consultation with Builder | 06_182499311_0111_2_2

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A service that facilitates collaborative planning between participants and builders for home modifications.

Service Details:

The 'HM - Design Consultation with Builder' support item enables NDIS participants to access professional consultations with builders specialised in home modifications. These conversations are purpose-driven, aiming to assess the feasibility of proposed changes, consider practical solutions, and determine accurate cost estimations. This service ensures modifications align with the participant's NDIS plan goals while adhering to building codes and regulations.

Participant Outcomes:

Engaging this service leads to tailored home modification designs that support participants' independence and functionality within their living spaces. By addressing personal needs and preferences, participants can achieve a more accessible and safer home environment. The outcome is a bespoke solution that enhances daily living and empowers participants through improved access and mobility.

Impact Statement:

This vital consultation paves the way for transformative home environments, significantly contributing to participants' quality of life.

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HM - Design Consultation with Builder | 06_182499311_0111_2_2