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HM - Ceiling Hoist | 06_123615401_0111_2_2

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The HM - Ceiling Hoist offers individuals a secure, overhead lifting solution for personal mobility within the home.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item is an essential installation for participants who require assistance moving between areas of their residence. The hoist is motor-powered, seamlessly integrated into the ceiling, and controlled through user-friendly mechanisms. It is designed to lift and transfer persons safely, reducing the physical strain on both carers and participants. Installation and maintenance services ensure reliability and adherence to safety standards.

Participant Outcomes:

Engaging this support item significantly enhances participant independence and safety. By minimising manual handling, it reduces injury risks, promoting dignity in personal care routines. Users experience improved accessibility around their home, leading to greater participation in daily activities and an elevated quality of life.

Impact Statement:

The ceiling hoist drastically improves in-home mobility, fostering self-reliance and ensuring a dignified living environment for NDIS participants.

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HM - Ceiling Hoist | 06_123615401_0111_2_2