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HM - Building Works Project Management | 06_182490112_0111_2_2

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Ensure accessibility and safety within homes through customised modifications, managed by specialised project teams.

Service Details:

The NDIS support item 'HM - Building Works Project Management' encompasses the professional coordination of home modification projects. This includes assessing participant needs, designing appropriate solutions, and overseeing construction works. Experienced project managers work collaboratively with participants, ensuring the modifications suit individual lifestyles and improve daily living. The service covers all stages, from initial consultation to final inspection, aligning with Australian Standards for safety and accessibility.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from enhanced independence, increased safety, and improved quality of life through tailor-made home environments. These adjustments can significantly reduce the need for manual handling by carers and assist in preventing accidents within the home. The personalised adaptation of living spaces promotes greater self-reliance and confidence in managing everyday tasks.

Impact Statement:

Strategic housing modifications orchestrated by expert management yield long-term benefits for people with disabilities, fostering autonomy within their living spaces.

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HM - Building Works Project Management | 06_182490112_0111_2_2