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HM - Bathroom/Toilet - Structural work | 06_182488377_0111_2_2

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This NDIS support item encompasses modifications for bathroom and toilet areas, ensuring accessibility and safety.

Service Details:

Structural alterations to bathrooms and toilets are fundamental within the NDIS framework. They often involve the installation of support rails, widening of doorways, and the restructuring of shower spaces to accommodate mobility aids. Professional assessments from occupational therapists often precede such modifications to align with individual needs. These alterations are performed by licensed builders familiar with NDIS standards and participant requirements.

Participant Outcomes:

Such modifications are pivotal in fostering independence and confidence in participants with mobility challenges. These enhancements enable safer and more private use of bathroom facilities, reducing reliance on carers and easing daily living. Consequently, participants experience improved self-esteem and the opportunity to manage personal hygiene with dignity.

Impact Statement:

Empowering participants with improved access and autonomy, this support item significantly enhances quality of life and daily functioning within a primary personal space.

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HM - Bathroom/Toilet - Structural work | 06_182488377_0111_2_2