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HM - Access - Minor Door or Step Modification | 06_182400121_0111_2_2

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Enhanced accessibility through minor modifications improves safe and convenient home entry for NDIS participants.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item encompasses adjustments to doors or steps facilitating barrier-free access. Services include widening doorframes, installing ramps or handrails, and adjusting step heights. Customised solutions cater to specific mobility needs, ensuring compliance with Australian standards for accessibility.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants gain improved autonomy within their living environment, promoting independence. These modifications significantly decrease the risk of falls and accidents, enabling safer home navigation. Furthermore, it assists in creating a more inclusive and supportive space for individuals with mobility challenges.

Impact Statement:

Minor door or step modifications have a profound impact on participants' quality of life, enhancing their confidence and capacity to engage with their home surroundings more effortlessly.

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HM - Access - Minor Door or Step Modification | 06_182400121_0111_2_2