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HEN - water flush syringes | 03_150930087_0103_1_1

Unit: Annual


HEN Water Flush Syringes are vital for maintaining hydration and nutrition via enteral feeding systems.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item encompasses syringes specifically designed for flushing water through enteral feeding tubes. It ensures that the tubes remain clear of blockages and that the individual receives adequate hydration, which is a critical component of their nutritional management. These syringes are a consumable resource and are typically needed on a daily basis, depending on the participant's specific health requirements.

Participant Outcomes:

By utilising HEN Water Flush Syringes, participants can better manage their hydration levels, avoid potential complications from tube blockages, and maintain their enteral feeding regimen effectively. This leads to improved digestive health and contributes to overall well-being, enabling them to engage more fully in their daily activities.

Impact Statement:

The use of HEN Water Flush Syringes significantly enhances the ease and safety of enteral feeding practices, directly promoting participant health and independence.

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HEN - water flush syringes | 03_150930087_0103_1_1