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HEN - pump plus accessory - syringe feed | 03_150930078_0103_1_1

Unit: Annual


This NDIS support item provides essential feeding equipment for participants requiring enteral nutrition.

Service Details:

The HEN - pump plus accessory includes a high-quality syringe feed mechanism, enabling precise control over enteral feeding for individuals with specific dietary needs. It encompasses both the necessary pump and compatible accessories, ensuring seamless integration for effective meal replacements. Designed for ease of use, it supports various enteral feeding regimes and can be adapted to suit individual participant requirements. Maintenance and training on the proper use of the pump are also typically covered.

Participant Outcomes:

The syringe feed pump and accessories support participants in achieving optimal nutritional intake, particularly when oral feeding is not possible. By facilitating tailored nutrition plans, participants experience improved health outcomes, greater independence in managing their feeding schedules, and enhanced quality of life. It also offers peace of mind and reduced strain for caregivers.

Impact Statement:

The pump ensures safe, dignified nutrition management, elevating the daily lives of NDIS participants.

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HEN - pump plus accessory - syringe feed | 03_150930078_0103_1_1