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HEN - pump plus accessory - non-syringe feed | 03_150930079_0103_1_1

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Essential for non-syringe enteral feeding, this NDIS support item includes a reliable pump plus accessories.

Service Details:

The HEN Pump Plus Accessory ensures continuous and controlled delivery of nutritional solutions. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, this device accommodates various enteral feeding requirements and supports a range of nutritional products. Accessories may include tubing, connectors, and carrying cases, which are crucial for the effective operation of the pump.

Participant Outcomes:

By enabling precise nutrient intake, participants can better manage their dietary needs, leading to improved health outcomes. This item supports independence by allowing users to confidently manage their enteral feeding regimes. The psychological comfort in knowing nutritional needs are met with minimal fuss is invaluable for participants.

Impact Statement:

This device significantly enhances quality of life, offering individuals with feeding challenges autonomy and dignity in their nutritional management.

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HEN - pump plus accessory - non-syringe feed | 03_150930079_0103_1_1