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HEN - Giving Sets are essential for safe enteral feeding, ensuring accurate nutrition delivery.

Service Details:

These specialised sets include tubing and connectors designed for Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN). They facilitate hassle-free and hygienic transfer of nutritional feed directly into a patient's gastrointestinal system. Built with user safety in mind, the giving sets are compatible with various enteral feeding pumps and systems, featuring anti-free flow valves to prevent accidental free flow of the feed.

Participant Outcomes:

By using HEN - Giving Sets, participants maintain nutritional health with minimal risk of contamination or feeding errors. These sets promote independence as individuals can manage their enteral feeding discreetly and comfortably at home. Regular replacement ensures functionality and hygiene, contributing to better health management and reducing hospital visits related to feeding complications. '

Impact Statement:

Providing secure and precise nutritional support, HEN - Giving Sets are vital for enhancing participant quality of life through efficient enteral feeding management.

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HEN - giving sets | 03_150930084_0103_1_1