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Hearing Services Program - Child Under 4 Yrs (AH Only) | 05_177_0119_1_2

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This support item facilitates early auditory intervention for children under 4 years.

Service Details:

Focused on critical early years, the NDIS provides specialised hearing services, including assessments and auditory support by audiologists. This item ensures timely detection and management of hearing impairments, instrumental in a child’s language and cognitive development. Services are individualised, considering the unique needs of each child and may include fitting of hearing devices, auditory training, and family education.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from improved communication skills, enhanced social engagement, and optimised learning opportunities. Early support and intervention lead to better long-term educational outcomes and social participation. It works toward establishing a strong foundation for the child's overall development and educational readiness.

Impact Statement:

Immediate and specialised support sets the trajectory for a child's future, enabling them to surpass barriers imposed by hearing impairments.

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Hearing Services Program - Child Under 4 Yrs (AH Only) | 05_177_0119_1_2