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Hearing device - Standard level | 05_220615111_0122_1_2

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An essential support for individuals with hearing impairments, improving communication and daily function.

Service Details:

This NDIS support item provides a standard level hearing device, designed for participants requiring auditory assistance. It includes the assessment, fitting, and maintenance of the hearing aid, ensuring it meets the specific needs of the user. The device is selected from a range of approved, quality-assured models that are both durable and effective in enhancing auditory input for better perception of sounds in various environments.

Participant Outcomes:

Recipients of this support can expect substantial improvements in their communication abilities, leading to greater social participation and independence. The hearing device assists in reducing the challenges associated with hearing loss, thereby helping participants to engage more fully in educational, vocational, and recreational activities.

Impact Statement:

Enhanced auditory access greatly increases quality of life, fostering autonomy and deeper interaction with the world.

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Hearing device - Standard level | 05_220615111_0122_1_2