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Hearing device - Specialised Landline Telephone | 05_222404225_0122_1_2

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This NDIS support item facilitates effective communication for participants with hearing impairments via a specialised landline telephone.

Service Details:

Custom-designed for NDIS participants with hearing challenges, specialised landline telephones come equipped with amplified sound, adjustable volume, and visual alerts. These devices often feature compatibility with hearing aids and cochlear implants, text-to-speech functionality, and large, easy-to-navigate buttons. Installation and initial setup are usually included to ensure ease of use and accessibility for individuals with manual dexterity concerns.

Participant Outcomes:

By utilising this specialised equipment, NDIS participants can experience enhanced communication with family, friends, and services. It encourages independence, fosters community engagement, and eliminates the barrier of conventional telephony. Moreover, the potential reduction in social isolation leads to significant improvements in mental health and the overall quality of life for those with hearing loss.

Impact Statement:

The specialised landline telephone dramatically improves access to vital communication, supporting autonomy and social inclusion for hearing-impaired participants.

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Hearing device - Specialised Landline Telephone | 05_222404225_0122_1_2