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Hearing device - Non-Standard | 05_220618811_0122_1_2

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This NDIS support item provides personalised auditory assistance through non-standard hearing devices.

Service Details:

Enhanced auditory solutions are tailored to NDIS participants with specific, complex hearing requirements. This support includes assessment, fitting, and customisation of advanced hearing devices, ensuring they are not typical, off-the-shelf products. Provision encompasses ongoing maintenance and necessary adjustments to the device, enabling optimal performance for the user's unique hearing profile.

Participant Outcomes:

With a non-standard hearing device, participants experience improved communication and social interaction, fostering increased independence and community participation. These adaptive devices are instrumental in reducing auditory isolation, enhancing the clarity of sound and thus the quality of life for those with severe or profound hearing impairments.

Impact Statement:

Tailored non-standard hearing aids are pivotal in bridging the gap to a world rich with sound, empowering NDIS participants to live more connected and autonomous lives.

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Hearing device - Non-Standard | 05_220618811_0122_1_2