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Hearing accessory - TV function | 05_220627232_0122_1_2

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This NDIS support item enhances TV audio accessibility for participants with hearing impairments.

Service Details:

The Hearing Accessory - TV Function includes devices that connect wirelessly to hearing aids, streamlining the audio from televisions directly to the user. It is designed to eliminate background noise and enhance sound clarity, ensuring an uninterrupted and inclusive media-consuming experience. Installation and user training are provided, ensuring participants can easily integrate the system into their daily routine.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants benefit from improved sound quality, leading to increased enjoyment and engagement with media. The accessory aids in social interactions by enabling shared viewing experiences with family and friends. Additionally, it supports independent living by allowing users to control their audio environment effectively, catering to personal hearing needs.

Impact Statement:

This NDIS support item fosters inclusivity, autonomy, and a richer engagement with entertainment, significantly improving quality of life for hearing-impaired individuals.

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Hearing accessory - TV function | 05_220627232_0122_1_2