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Hearing accessory - Remote Microphone System | 05_222106843_0122_1_2

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Designed to enhance speech understanding, this NDIS support item facilitates better auditory experiences for participants in noisy environments.

Service Details:

The Remote Microphone System pairs with hearing aids, extending their functionality. It wirelessly transmits audio directly to the wearer, reducing background noise. Its integration with personal hearing aids augments listening range, enabling clear communication in various settings. Installation by an audiologist ensures optimal performance tailored to the participant's specific hearing requirements.

Participant Outcomes:

By equipping participants with this accessory, they can confidently engage in social interactions and professional situations. Improved hearing accuracy boosts independence, minimises misunderstandings, and enhances learning opportunities. It is especially beneficial in educational or work settings where distance from a speaker may impede auditory clarity.

Impact Statement:

This accessory is pivotal in bridging communication gaps, significantly enriching the lives of participants with hearing challenges.

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Hearing accessory - Remote Microphone System | 05_222106843_0122_1_2