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Flexible AT Package - For Changing Need | 05_801288834_0103_1_2

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A dynamic resource adapting to evolving needs, enabling better personal management and independence through customisable assistive technology.

Service Details:

The NDIS Flexible AT Package caters to participants requiring adaptable solutions due to changing conditions or progressive disabilities. It includes a variety of assistive devices, from mobility aids to communication technologies, tailored to support the evolving nature of a participant's impairment. This package provides the flexibility to alter or upgrade equipment as needs shift, ensuring that participants have access to the most suitable assistive technologies available.

Participant Outcomes:

The foremost outcome for participants is enhanced autonomy and comfort in daily activities. By accessing up-to-date and appropriate assistive devices, individuals can maintain or improve their functional capabilities. It fosters participation in community life, facilitates social inclusion, and supports educational and employment pursuits. Long-term, it fosters resilience and adaptability in participants.

Impact Statement:

This support item amplifies participants' empowerment, offering them the autonomy to navigate life's changes with confidence and ease.

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Flexible AT Package - For Changing Need | 05_801288834_0103_1_2