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Delivery - Vision AT | 05_711000080_0113_1_2

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Enabling independent living, this NDIS support item covers the delivery of vision assistive technology.

Service Details:

This essential delivery service ensures that participants receive their prescribed vision assistive devices promptly and securely. The support includes transportation, handling, and delivery to the participant’s residence or an agreed-upon location. It caters to a range of devices such as magnifiers, Braille equipment, and electronic reading aids tailored to suit the individual needs of the participant.

Participant Outcomes:

Through timely delivery of assistive technology, participants can more quickly benefit from tools that enhance their visual functioning. This service fosters independence, promotes engagement in vocational and educational activities, and supports everyday living. It empowers participants to overcome visual barriers by integrating assistive solutions into their personal environments.

Impact Statement:

Swift and reliable delivery significantly heightens participants’ access to vision enhancement tools, thus enabling greater autonomy and community participation.

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Delivery - Vision AT | 05_711000080_0113_1_2