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Delivery - Household Tasks or Control AT | 05_711000080_0123_1_2

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A support resource to assist participants with household tasks through innovative Assistive Technology (AT).

Service Details:

This NDIS support item includes the provision and delivery of Assistive Technology or products that enable participants to manage daily household tasks. It encompasses a range of devices from simple tools to high-tech equipment, tailored to the individual's requirements. The service may cover initial instruction on usage and requires assessment by a qualified practitioner to ensure suitability and effective support.

Participant Outcomes:

Participants gain increased independence and control in their living environments, effective management of domestic responsibilities, and enhanced quality of life. They experience fewer barriers to performing everyday tasks, leading to greater self-reliance and potentially reduced need for direct human aid.

Impact Statement:

Through access to tailored Assistive Technology, participants achieve a more autonomous and empowered lifestyle, fostering self-sufficiency in household management.

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Delivery - Household Tasks or Control AT | 05_711000080_0123_1_2