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Cough Assist Machine | 05_040322811_0103_1_1

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This NDIS support item provides non-invasive respiratory assistance through a cough assist machine.

Service Details:

The Cough Assist Machine is a mechanical insufflation-exsufflation device designed to clear secretions from the lungs by simulating a natural cough. Through positive air pressure, the machine helps to expand the lungs, followed by a rapid shift to negative pressure, effectively mimicking a deep cough. This support item is applicable to individuals with neuromuscular disorders or other conditions resulting in compromised respiratory function.

Participant Outcomes:

Regular use of the Cough Assist Machine can lead to significant improvements in airway clearance, reducing the risk of respiratory infections and improving overall lung function. Participants may experience increased comfort, better breathing capability, and enhanced quality of life. The therapy aids in maintaining optimal lung health and independence in daily activities.

Impact Statement:

Optimised respiratory health is crucial, and this support item ensures participants maintain their respiratory wellness effectively and non-invasively.

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Cough Assist Machine | 05_040322811_0103_1_1